Varicose Veins - Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

Varicose Veins Treatment in India
Varicose Veins are the ugly, uneven blood vessels that are a reason of weakening in the vessel wall. The varicose veins are the clumps of twisted and tangled blue and purple vein usually found in the legs or the limbs of the patients. The varicose veins are surrounded by thin capillaries of red blood vessels known as spider veins.
Varicose vein are the reason of increased pressure in the leg veins and generally found in people engaged in heavy physical activity for example: Cart Puller, Security Guards, Conductors. Varicose veins actually due to the improper functioning of veins walls that causes the blood to flow back and get pooled inside the vein.  Women are more prone and are an easy target to these problems.
Symptoms of Varicose veins are really hard to be get noticed In fact in the initial stages of the disease symptoms are really invisible But must informed to the physicians if occur occasionally.
Symptoms of Varicose Veins may include swelling in the legs, dull ache, feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs of, Cramping pain in the legs. Discolored patch on the swollen area, feeling of numbness while sitting or standing for a long time. Tiredness and throbbing sensation in the legs.
Causes of the Varicose Veins:
Age: Age can be the major factor in improper functioning of veins. With the increasing age the veins start getting weaker and the chances of varicose veins increases.
Genetics: Varicose Vein problems are genetical and are inherited by the previous generations. The individuals having family history of varicose veins are more likely to deal with the same. However it might not be the cases every time. Proper Care and maintenance can obviously helps you to stay way from this problem.
Obesity : People with extra weight and having excessive bulk on their body exerts some extra pressure on the legs thus increases the chances of getting varicose veins.
How to deal with varicose veins???
Obviously Varicose veins aren’t a life changing medical threat for an individual but can have adverse effect on an individual’s health. The proper exercise and regular workout can surely help you to get an upper edge on the disease. So have a proper exercise schedule on your calendar, Get a healthy diet with nutritional benefits. However if it’s already been quite late in discovering the disease then consulting a physician. Varicose Vein Treatment in India includes physical examination by the doctors followed by an ultrasound test to get a clear picture about the patient’s problem.